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Getting fancy with photos

My photography has definitely been changing since I started using photographic websites such as Blipfoto and Flickr. I used to be content with a basic:

  1. point
  2. press
  3. post

attitude to sharing my photographs. Now there are so many brilliant apps for the iPad and iPhone that tweaking my photos to make them more interesting is oh so easy. I just have to make sure I don’t overdo it! Here are a few of my favourite tweaked photographs:

This image of my daughter was taken on a very basic digital camera. I used Camera+ to  crop, colour and used depth of field to focus in through the leaves:
Apple muncher
For more fun photographs using Marblecam on the iPhone and iPad can have a wonderful effect on flowers etc.:
MarbleCam Flower
These 2 photos of me were tweaked in Instagram (left) and Camera+ (right) to use the colour tones. I then grouped them together using Nostalgio:
This is another slightly different colour effect from Camera+, I also used the Golden crop to concentrate on the important features:
close up
Flowers can really be shown off to good effect with the tools in Camera+. These next two show chives using Miniaturisation and Depth of field respectively:
Depth of field
All of these apps can make an amateur photograph look at lot more professional without spending lots of money on expensive software. It also doesn’t take a lot of learning to get to use them properly. So go on experiment!

Ancestry app for iPad

I have to say that since being given an iPad I’ve discovered how good the Ancestry app is. It never really worked for me on the iPhone but on the iPad it really shines.

Once you have downloaded your family tree from Ancestry on to your iPad it then starts looking for hints for existing members of your family. When you review each hint it brings up an image of the relevant data such as census page or sheet from a church record. You can then review the information and either accept or ignore. If you accept you can then choose which items get changed on your tree. The source information is automatically added.

A very useful app but be careful as you could be on there for hours…