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IT Simple Tip #2: Acronyms etc.

The Internet and computers are confusing enough sometimes and then people throw acronyms into the loop it can seem like trying to read a foreign language. A lot of them are used to replace the fact that there is no visual contact with the person writing the message. Here are just some of the more common ones that pop up on websites, social networks and text messaging.

LOL laugh out loud

ROFL rolling on the floor laughing

OH other half

DH dearest husband

DD darling daughter

DS darling son

: -) happy

: -( sad

:-p not being serious (tongue sticking out)

l8r later

TY thank you

TMI too much information

BRB be right back

FF Follow Friday – on Twitter a recommendation to follow another person

PICNIC Problem In Chair Not In Computer

RTFM Read the * Manual

HD hard drive

ATM at the moment

DM direct message in Twitter

RT retweet the message in Twitter

There a re lot more but these are just a few that may confuse or mislead!